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May 12, 2012
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Wraith by digaman Wraith by digaman
HeroMachine Rocks!!! A Hero Concept.…

Name: Mark Stone
Alias: Wraith
profession: Hero
Age: Unknown, Pressumed 34
History: One Year Ago, Officer Stone's Wife and baby Child were Brutally murdered In His own House, the Killers were never Caught and Stone's Life Took a turne for the worst, Falling into deep depression during day and Drinking himself to sleep every night, dreaming of his dead wife. feeling like a ghost of his old self, he began Investigating his wife's death again, he left a note with evedance and proof of a Known Buisness man's involment in the crime, not trusting the police, he went bring justice to the man by himself wearing a hallowin mask, knowing full well he has a small army of guards, Mark Faild to kill his wife's murderer, and was gravely wounded, when the police got to the scene, they found Mark's dead body, a picture of his wife and Child in his hand, and the words "I'm Sorry" written on it's back, Mark was Buried next to his family two weeks later, the man Responsible for their Deaths, was never arrested.
one year later, the Buisness man's body was thrown out his office window, in his pucket there was a note saying "your due is done"

"you're Guilt does not haunt you, so I came to do just that"

Powers: Enhanced Strength and endurance, immune to pain, fear and all forms of mental attack, Immortal, Cannot be killed.
has some sort of 'sixth sens', allowing him to find everyone he ever looked in the eyes, no matter where they are.

(sorry for any mispelling)
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