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מקוללים, הם לא הולכים לישון
אבודים, פונים אל החלון
זורקים אל הירח, מבט מלא כמיהה
מצד לצד בחדר, טועים בלי מטרה
מקוללים, הם לא יודעים לחלום
לילות, ימים, זוחלים לשום מקום
שדים מוכ
:icondigaman:digaman 1 0
Mature content
the Many Deaths of Kenny McCormick :icondigaman:digaman 0 3
Mature content
the Blackest Day - Yom Shahor :icondigaman:digaman 0 0
Asabim Shotim (Bad Weeds)
שוב הקיץ הגיע, החורף עזב
צינה אחרונה לעת ליל
ועד שנראה שוב פריחת החצב
אבק ידקור את העין
קולות רחוקים הם עולים וחוזרים
האם אנחנו עדיין בתלם?
משפחה, חברים, זכרונות עקשנים
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Pandora by digaman Pandora :icondigaman:digaman 2 0
Roaming the land
a lonly man without a purpose
taking a stand
has taken it's tall
walking away
standing still was always harder
from the cities of men
i'm a part of, no more
and I've fought their wars, and I've paid the price
and my scars will never show, how much I'm scarred inside
and I move on,
memories, they always huant me
one day, I know,
I will find a way to break free
the animal inside me is dead!
and when I sleep, I see her still
lying in my arms, carresing me
and when I Dream, she looks at me
her burning eyes, they blame me still
and I move on,
memories, they always huant me
one day, I know,
I will find a way to break free
a way for me to cope with the pain
a way for these nightmares to end
a way to forget who I am!
And I am tired now, tired now
I have journeyed to far
I am looking for redemption
I need some peace of mind
and peace won't come, peace won't come
so I look for peace no more
I look for peace no more
I give myself to war
cold steel and burning hatered
this rage is
:icondigaman:digaman 1 3
"I looked and there before me was a pale horse!
Its rider was named Death
and Hades was following close behind him."  Revelation 6:7
  "there are things in this world we do not fully understand, there are worlds we may never know"
even now I keep thinking back to the night my father died, he told me this sentence, back then I thought it was old age taking over his mind, but maybe, in his last moments, he got to see a glimpse of the unknown.
  I woke up in the rain, it was dark, I laid naked on the ground with only rags to cover me. I looked around me and learned I was in a cemetery, I looked at the graves near me, three graves, a family: Mark - a loving husband, Martha - a loving wife, and Nathen - a dear son. there was something about these names, but I just couldn't remember what.
  but I would.
  I got up, the rags around me were soaking wet and I was cold, I started walking, I had no Idea where I was going and for how long, there were no people around me, t
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The Enforcer by digaman The Enforcer :icondigaman:digaman 1 0
Oh, god, Am I Going to die?
I suddenly started to bleed
All the girls, they point and they laugh
and start to throw things at me
Always I'll be ostracized
never belong in any way
this emptiness I feel inside
oh, Momma, all you give me is pain
pray, little child, for forgiveness
pray, for the sin in your heart
carry the curse, it's your burden
carry the curse of the blood
Oh Momma, please, you should have told me
should have told me of the blood
should have told me this would happen
and not treat me like a child
pray, little child, for forgiveness
pray, for the sin in your heart
carry the curse, it's your burden
carry the curse of the blood
Oh I hoped this would have passed you
and you'd avoid this curse of blood
now get inside your closet
and you pray, my child, for god
blood pressure climbing, raising
I feel myself transcend
I feel my heartbeat racing
no more will I be scared
It's getting harder breathing
my old skin I will shed
the laws of physics bending
my star has shined in red
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Reaver by digaman Reaver :icondigaman:digaman 1 0 The Spartan by digaman The Spartan :icondigaman:digaman 0 0 Hellraiser by digaman Hellraiser :icondigaman:digaman 1 0 Karnak by digaman Karnak :icondigaman:digaman 0 0
Mature content
Valley Forge, Valley Forge :icondigaman:digaman 0 0
Last Son
A Lonely man walks the earth, not quite a stranger
but a stranger everywhere he walks
and to him, this world is made of glass
and the people are so tiny, fragile figures made of sand
and every step he takes, brings him closer to the questions
that he is too afraid to ask.
Across the heavens, from afar
the relic of a dying star
fall to ashes falls to dust
searching on, and on he must
A Father tells his son to hide because people are afraid
of everything that's different.
and the son, he grows, and his heart it beats like hammers
and his eyes they see it all, and they burn it like a sun
and every day that passes the boy is growing,
and he feels he can no longer hide.
From afar, a fallen star
a lonely child, the strength of god
from the ashes, from the sun
to this world, he stumbled on
A father bids his son a last goodbye and sets him off into the yonder
a dying world's last hope of salvation from past crimes
and the son he grows, and he hide, and he is lost with questions
and he grows in
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Qinghai by digaman Qinghai :icondigaman:digaman 0 0

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Ashes to Ashes
Nothing inside me
there’s nothing to hide me from what I’ve become or from what I could be.
Nothing describes me
there’s nothing to guide me to show me which way is the right way for me
Nothing to nothing and no one to no one and ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Nothing to nothing and no one to no one and ashes to ashes left out to rust.
Nobody heeds me
they just don’t believe me when I try to tell them that something’s wrong.
Nothing to feed me
there’s nothing to lead me and there has been nothing for far too long.
Nothing to nothing and no one to no one and ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Nothing to nothing and no one to no one and there is a point when enough’s enough
Nobody hears me
the violence steers me in circles of madness, no end in sight.
Nobody fears me
they just disappear, see, and I am left standing in my own light.
Nothing to nothing and no one to no one and ashes to ashes and dust to dust
I pray that the next one that comes will survive
:iconpansey:pansey 6 3
Why I'm Not Religious
Wars are waged and people die
All in the name of the blue skies
When all are weeping as the battle ends
We find that we’re back where we began
Out of pride for God we create regrets
Our hate is all that hate begets
What’s so good about being the same?
Or worshipping something that causes pain?
There is not enough religion for tolerance
But enough for hurt and for lives to be spent?
Even in kids when their parents do tell
That their neighbors are gay and are headed for Hell
Diversity’s supposed to be a virtue
But other religions have caused war, too
Dictatorship-like priests and a book that lies
All under their merciful, good God’s eyes
I’ll never bow down and lose myself
Or donate to someone who doesn’t need wealth
I won’t peruse a text that’s making so many blind
Or my soul to deception will I ever bind
When great thinkers are shunned by the sheep
Because they have knowledge that the church won’t keep
They’re left, instead, to be viewe
:iconbluegreengrey:BlueGreenGrey 4 6
The Forgotten Joy Of Peace
A war is going on today
And all the nation is armed
The bullets fly past the schools
The libraries, the houses and the shacks
Today we lost a generation
Tomorrows another day, another million
The guns fire and the missles strike
The tanks crwal and the ships stalk
A war is going on today
They have forgotten the joy of peace
:iconxphile2868:XPhile2868 2 0
War Protest by cuddlebunny War Protest :iconcuddlebunny:cuddlebunny 5 8
War's Deceit
Have you danced the dance of death?
Swung your sword to cleave,
To end the heart-beat of your foe,
To hear him breathe his final breath?
To cause the soul to leave,
Is not a pleasant thing to know.
What folly 'tis, ending a person, ere their end is nigh.
Would you be a warrior, in war? don't try.
To face your opponent,
And know your choices thus:
To cause his death, or else to die.
Their Legions to the front,
You realise; its them or us.
Start chanting the battle chant, it begins.
Chaos, death and pity is this battle brings.
Is that man freind or foe?
Until you look him in the eye
You cannot know,
Then on his lips a word forms: die.
His blade flashes,
Send it asunder!
Return the blow, His shield rings.
Now look, he slashes,
Watch for his blunder.
Then in his fatal error, his fatality you'll savour, as if 'twere victory.
Then, him bleeding fleeing blood, you'll be
Standing in the midst of the din,
When you discover, though your life prevails;
This isn't winning. You have not won, but he
:iconchyga:Chyga 4 3
The Birth of Color by Videogamejunki
Mature content
The Birth of Color :iconvideogamejunki:Videogamejunki 189 65
born from lust, turn to dust. born from sin, come on in...
:iconsorrowmanx:sorrowmanx 1 0



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"Not all those who Wander are Lost"

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"Oh you can't Help that, We're all mad Here..."


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